Saturday, April 21, 2012

Charlotte, NC - Must eats!

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Charlotte, NC – Two great Restaurants!
Date of trip April, 2012. 

Overall Notes:   WOW!  This is our first trip to Charlotte, NC and we had absolutely no idea how incredible this city was – we fell in love with it in 24 hours.  The city is clean.  Even in the older parts of town, it is clean.  We loved it.  There is so much to do here.  On this one day alone, we could have gone to a play, a movie, a car show in the center of the Charlotte Speedway, a music feasible downtown and so much more.  They have an amazing downtown area.  Family friendly and yet, cool, hip, safe and inviting. 


Chima Brazilian Steakhouse – 139 S. Tryon Street

The Chima is a MUST stop if you are in Charlotte!  The atmosphere is perfect for a romantic dinner, or fun for a group.  The wait staff is insane.  They are all rushing around – but not enough to annoy you – just the perfect amount to ensure that you are taken care of 100%.  You don’t have to ever ask for drink refills.  They bring you clean plates from time to time.  They fold your napkin each time you get up to get something from the salad bar.   Speaking of the salad bar, it is a large array of soups, salad, and unique items not often found on a normal salad bar, such as Mozzarella Balls, Hearts of Palm and so much more.  This is standard for a Brazilian Steakhouse, but the staff that takes care of the salad bar are constantly bringing out fresh additions and ensuring the bar is clean and perfect.  As will all Brazilian steakhouses, the meat just keeps coming until you flip over your ‘token’ and tell them to stop, the difference at Chima is one sever realized we really liked the lamb chops, and made it a point to watch to see if we had eaten ours, and swing by to ask if we wanted more.  He was amazing.  We had a great time; we had great food, and an outstanding staff.  Don’t miss Chima when you are in Charlotte, NC. 

 Fujo – 301 S. College Street

A better than average sushi bar.  The sushi and sashimi was fresh.  The service was excellent.  Our drinks never even got close to empty.  The restaurant was a little slow; however, it was almost 8:30pm when we went into eat.  It is located in a building with Wells Fargo, and several other businesses and with food that taste that great, we are sure that they are most likely busy for lunch.  The staff was friendly, and very laid back and yet very attentive.  If you are in Charlotte and in the mood for some great sushi, stop by Fujo!

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